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As a self-insured group program, each member company has ownership in the fund. Our success and profitability is your success and profitability.

our program

We maintain stringent underwriting standards and retain a team of skilled staff and service providers to carry out this commitment to our members.

Our knowledge of the wood products industry’s characteristics, needs and market influences enables us to meet the needs of our members. We continue to develop and offer value added services designed to help control the overall cost of your workers’ compensation program.

Members Own the Program – Controlled and Managed by Members

Refunds of Surplus Paid to Members Annually

Provides Professional Claims Management Services

Offers Industry-specific Loss Prevention Services

Low-cost Administration

Stable, Consistent Rating Structure


Each member of the MATSIF program is entitled to refunds of interest and surplus distributed on an annual basis. Refunds are calculated based on individual members’ premium and loss history. MATSIF has returned in excess of $71,000,000 of interest and surplus representing 34% of collected premium.

loss control program

Helping members eliminate employee injuries is the only sure way to keep rates low and potentially increase premium refunds to members. MATSIF’s loss control staff assists members in controlling losses through the implementation of safety programs tailored to the wood products industry.

All loss control representatives are experienced in all areas of the wood products harvesting and manufacturing. Services include:

Comprehensive On-site Safety Reviews

Assistance with MIOSHA Safety Standards Compliance

Assistance with the Implementation of Employee Safety Training Programs

On-site Chain Saw Safety and Mechanical Logging Training to Members’ Employees

Assistance in Developing Written Programs for Lockout-Tagout

SFI training provided free of charge to members


MATSIF has an extensive inventory of safety training videos and offers a complete line of safety clothing especially designed for members of the MATSIF program.

As a member of MATSIF, you have access to online risk management tools, resources, and training through our excess carrier. We can assist you with the utilization of these resources to best serve the needs of your business.

think safety program

This is the cornerstone of MATSIF. Think Safety is not just a monthly program, but is a mindset that we consistently reinforce with our members.

The monthly Think Safety topic satisfies MIOSHA meeting requirements.

It engages employees and helps to remind them to be safe.

With the monthly topics, each employee receives a scratch-off card with a safety slogan reminding the employee to be safe. All employees have a chance to win a gift card from Wal*Mart, Cabela’s or Meijer. Cards that are not instant winners are entered into the quarterly $100 Second Chance Drawing and our year-end drawing worth $500. The annual drawing includes all winning and Second Chance cards.

claims management

MATSIF offers aggressive claims management and works in conjunction with the firms listed below to assist and manage in the best possible way every claim that occurs. The first goal after any injury is to assist the injured worker. MATSIF wants to make sure the injured employee receives the best possible medical attention they need as quickly as possible. Those assisting us with the claims process include:

Comprehensive Risk Services, Inc. has been MATSIF’s third party administrator since 1988. They are staffed with experienced professionals and have earned “Best Practices” designation from national insurance carriers because of their commitment to excellence and customer service. They have offices in Novi and Marquette, Michigan.

Safety National Casualty Company provides MATSIF with excess workers’ compensation insurance coverage. They are the leading provider of Excess Workers’ Compensation in America. Visit their webpage to find additional services that may be of interest to you.

ReviewWorks provides case management services to injured employees of our members. Their professional and personal attention gives the right medical and vocational treatment at the right time to significantly reduce the cost of a claim.

All claims receive expert investigation and supervision to assure appropriate settlement and/or effective defense. Members are kept informed on the status of their claims. Aggressive medical and vocational services are provided as a part of the claims management process. Assistance is also provided in identifying return-to-work options. MATSIF has a primary interest in protecting and reducing claims costs.

MATSIF has also established an “800 rapid Reporting Number” to simplify the claims reporting procedure for our members. In addition to the convenience of simply picking up the phone to report a claim, this 800 number also encourages members to report claims early, thereby speeding up the entire claims handling process.

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